Company Milan Ligocki UNIPACK not only offers fresh news of its range of packaging technology, but also a list of fairs and events in the packaging and logistics industry where you should not miss.

  • ROTOTECH 3000 Vertical Stretch Wrapping machine

    24. 04. 2018, 09:00

    The ROTOTECH 3000 machine from the Italian manufacturer ROBOPAC is a fully automatic vertical winding device of products into a stretch stretch film with a wrapping arm. It is the ideal solution for packaging products that are particularly unstable during the packing process. With a wide range of optional accessories, the machine can be customized to suit customer requirements.

  • New generation of ORGAPACK strappers

    19. 07. 2017, 12:00

    In the spring of this year a company ORGAPACK introduced a new generation of cordless strapping machines to the market. Strappers are now more robust, more reliable and more user-friendly. More sophisticated is ergonomics and machine control with a lot of new features. The Swiss manufacturer thus reaffirms the role of the industry leader, and by its innovations and investment in development, it sets direction and pace to the whole industry.

  • UNIPACK - Czech manufacturer of strapping

    20. 12. 2016, 09:00

    The company UNIPACK is a manufacturer of (PP) polypropylene and (PET) polyester strapping brand UNITAPE. Strap UNITAPE is produced in all common sizes of the highest quality, guaranteeing perfect function of strapping machines. Binding tape UNITAPE going through testing, quality control and are provided with a certificate.

  • TECHNOPLAT 2000 - Automatic packaging line

    28. 07. 2016, 09:00

    The Italian company engaged in the production of wrapping machines currently include in its portfolio of packaging machines a new automatic wrapping machine TECHNOPLAT 2000. It is an automatic machine with turntable for wrapping pallets in vertical direction. The main advantages of this machine are turntable made of driven roller conveyor and the ability to perform the whole wrapping cycle without operator intervention.

  • Strapping press MOSCA LCU

    11. 05. 2016, 13:00

    We would like to inform you that in the product portfolio of top German manufacturer of strapping machines Mosca, was added fully automatic strapping machine for wrapping pallets. The machine is capable of strapping up to 150 pallets per hour and is suitable for installation in automatic packaging lines.

  • Automatic wrapping pallets with wrapping system HELIX 1

    29. 04. 2016, 09:00

    Looking for a convenient way for wrapping pallets of low and medium high-frequency of package up to 65 pallets per hour? Automatic wrapping system HELIX 1 from Italian company ROBOPAC, which are among the leaders in the production of packaging machines, is the ideal solution for you. The wrapping machine can be part of the packaging line and whole wrapping process can be done without operator intervention.

  • New strapping table MOSCA MO-M-8

    26. 01. 2016, 17:00

    German manufacturer of strapping techniques MOSCA just launched a new model of semi-automatic strapping machine for reliable strapping in small and medium quantities. Strapping table MO-M-8 is especially suitable for strapping packages, cardboard and any products that can be placed on a desktop of machine.

  • The new wrapping machines with arm

    16. 09. 2015, 08:00

    Manufacturer of wrapping machines ROBOPAC introduced new wrapping machines with arm for vertical wrapping pallets and products to stretch films. Wrapping machine arm are particularly suitable for wrapping unstable products, because during wrapping causes no dynamic forces on them.

  • Producer ATS has updated its range of strapping machines

    26. 05. 2015, 11:00

    Company UNIPACK strapping and wrapping systems announce you with pleasure the recent update of a series of strapping machines from the Swiss producer ATS-TANNER. Manufacturer updated strapping machines for strapping delicate products using thermal and ultrasonic tape banding systems.

  • Introducing StretchHood machines BOCEDI

    13. 05. 2015, 12:00

    UNIPACK company represent a serie of machines from Italian producer BOCEDI for pallet wrapping with technology “Stretch Hood“ (shrink wrapping) and technology “Heat shrink“ (wrapping into heat shrink foil). These technologies are the ideal way to wrapping palets thanks to its excellent stabilization, protection and visual properties.

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