Automatic wrapping pallets with wrapping system HELIX 1

Wrapping machine HELIX 1

29. 04. 2016 | Looking for a convenient way for wrapping pallets of low and medium high-frequency of package up to 65 pallets per hour? Automatic wrapping system HELIX 1 from Italian company ROBOPAC, which are among the leaders in the production of packaging machines, is the ideal solution for you. The wrapping machine can be part of the packaging line and whole wrapping process can be done without operator intervention.


Wrapping machine ROBOPAC HELIX 1 is the ideal solution for wrapping pallets of low and medium production with up to 65 pallets per hour. This wrapping machine HELIX 1 operates on the basis of the rotary arm that rotates around the packed pallet. This pallet is calmly unlike wrapping on machines with turntable and do not act on it any dynamic forces which could cause the collapse of products on a pallet. With an integrated conveyor system and the ability to carry out the entire process of wrapping pallets without operator intervention, this machine is suitable for installation into automatic packaging lines. For wrapping unstable pallets which are at risk of spillage of packed product due to stretching the film could this wrapping machine be optionaly extended by top pneumatic pressure to stabilize the packaged product.

Wrapping pallets - HELIX 1Unstable pallet wrapping - HELIX 1


Optional carriages PGSM and PGSA increase film pre-stretch up to 400 %

Correct stretch of wrapping film or the proper strength of final pallet packaging ensures wrapping unit "pre-stretch carriage", that has in basic equipment of machine adjustable pre-stretch ratio 161, 208 or 269%. This wrapping unit can be optionaly replaced with one of two different wrapping units which are able to ensure the pre-stretch of foil up to 400%, thereby maximizint the strength of the packaging when the thus stretched film has a much higher tendency to shrinkage and greatly reduces the consumption of packaging materials.

Wrapping units PGSM and PGSA


(on the left picture) PGSM is pre-stretch carriage with single motorisation with standard provided ratios 150% - 200% - 250%, which can be replaced manually thanks to optional kits for ratios from 180% to 350%.


(on the right picture) PGSA is carriage with double independent motorisation for continuously varying pre-stretch from control panel 150% to 400% and apply up to 12 containment force values on the load.


Top pneumatic pressure

Top pneumatic pressure to stabilize the productHELIX 1Pneumatic pressure

Pallet retaining system during wrapping which can be used with the upper covering systems (Top Inside/Top Outside) or with particularly unstable loads. Available in versions with mechanical movement by means of pantograph system or pneumatic drive.

Pallet lifter

Pallet lifter to start wrapping below the palletHELIX 1Pallets lifting system

Pallet lifting system in the conveyor in the centre of the machine with pneumatic drive or hydraulic drive, thanks to which complete wrapping of the wooden pallet is possible. This system enables you to manage wrapping of the product and pallet in an extremely flexible manner, guaranteeing maximum stability of the palletised load. The pneumatic lift has a maximum capacity of 2000 kg, while the hydraulic system has a capacity of more than 2000 kg.

Roping device

Device for reducing the width of the wrapping filmHELIX 1Roping device

Roping devide is a device that reduces the width of the stretch film, thereby creating a "rope". Wrapping with roped film reinforce the pallet and to certain extent can replace the role of the strapping machine.

Top cover applicator

Top cover aplicatorHELIX 1Device for covering the upper side of the pallet

Automatic system for covering the upper surface of the pallet. This system is particularly suitable for packaging that need to be protected from above against rain, weather or pests. The applicator automatically unwound necessary piece of foil, which will be placed on top of the pallet and wrapping locks.

Level of automation fully automatic
Machines capacity up to 65 pallets per hour
Maximum pallet height 2000 mm
Maximum pallet dimensions 1220 x 1220 mm
Minimum pallet dimensions 600 x 800 mm
Film reel height 500 mm (optional 750 mm)
Workable film thickness 17-30 µm
Optional accessories

top pneumatic pressure

top cover applicator

automatic corner applicator

roping device

pallet lifter

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