Building industry

Mechanical packing of building materials

Company UNIPACK offers complex solutions in the field of engineering and building industry. The range UNIPACK see how strapping systems for strapping steel and plastic straps and winding systems for wrapping in foil or stretch stretch-hood in all levels of automation.

Comprehensive packaging offer UNIPACK
  • An optimal technical solution
  • Choosing cost-effective packaging system
  • Manufacture and installation of packaging line
  • Manufacture of consumables PP and PET straps
  • Production of accessories and conveyor systems
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service


Packaging building materials

UNIPACK offers:

  • Fixing the binding tape
  • Wrapped in foil Stretch-hood
  • Wrapping in stretch film

Products for construction and building materials such as bricks, brickwork, tiling, paving, roofing, beams, truss structures, but also bulk materials such as mortar and plaster mixtures, lime, cement and other construction materials have one thing in common: they need industrial packaging, which reliably ensure the products during transport, but must also be economical and environmentally friendly. The best method of packing building materials, showed banding and fixing volumes or entire pallets binding tape and subsequently packed in PE foil or wrapping in stretch films. The company offers UNIPACK all grades transport packaging of building materials at all levels of automation from semi-automatic to fully-automatic packaging line.


Mechanical hand strapping - isolation, roofing felt, scaffolds

The mechanical hand strapping is widely used in construction for occasional banding or construction and where not possible to install and use electrical or pneumatic devices. Unipack offers all the tools and accessories for steel strapping - connection cut out handle or buckle, plastic strapping (PP, PET) - joint buckle and polyester textile strapping tape - wire buckle.

Mechanické páskování lepenky a izolací Mechanické páskování lešení Mechanické páskování stavebních materiálů


ACCU hand strapping - tiles, bricks, tiling

ACCU hand strapping tools are the most popular device for strapping building materials such as bricks, paving tiling and the like. Strapping can be used anywhere in the store or in the open air because it is not bound to supply electricity. In offer UNIPACK find quality Swiss battery powered hand tools ORGAPACK OR-T 250 - tightening force 2500 N, OR-T 400 - tightening force of 4000 N or combined strapping machine ORGAPACK OR-T 50 - tightening force of 0-2300 N.

OR-T-400 -ruční páskování dlažby a obkladů OR-T 400 páskování stavebních materiálů OR-T 50 páskování lešení a roštů


Automatic strapping machine of roof tiles MOSCA MK-44

Company Unipack also offers a very specialized types MOSCA strapping equipment, such as roof tiles MOSCA strapping machine MK-44 or strapping systems side-welding tape MOSCA RO-MS for the construction industry. Offer Unipack then includes these facilities also produce conveyor systems.

MOSCA M-K-44 -páskovač střešních tašek M-K-44-páskování střešní krytiny M-K-44-páskování střešních tašek


Automatic pallet strapping - tiles, bricks, tiling

Fully automatic horizontal strapping equipment MOSCA have PCL Siemens electronics with Czech menu allows to set and memorize all the parameters strapping (tension straps, strapping type, etc.). Machines can not only pallet strapping, strapping but also layers goods (eg banding layers of pavement before palletizing). An example of horizontal strapping machine of pallets is MOSCA KOV-315. Automatic strapping machine for pallets or bulky products bundle vertically. Machines are devided with top weld and side weld. Machines with upper weld strapping goods on pallets, require pressing or cross-strapping with more cycles. Machines with side weld then find application mainly in pallet strapping parallel cycles and space-constrained environments. The construction is widely used vertical strapping machine MOSCA KZV-111.

MOSCA KOV-315 páskovač stavebních materiálů MOSCA KZV-112 -páskování tvárnic a cihel KOV-315 -páskování dlaždic a cihel


Manual packing in foil - building powder mixtures

Heat gun RIPACK 2200 with adjustable head is specially designed for shrinking packaging from polyethylene films of all types. Heat gun RIPACK 2200 enables to shorten the shrinkage compared to standard hot air guns to a minimum. The pistol has a cool head even after prolonged use. Recommended supplies - suitable PE foil, propane / natural gas.

RIPACK - balení cementu, vápna, omítkových směsí RIPACK- balení palet do fólie RIPACK - balení stavebních materiálů


Wrapped in foil Stretch hood - lime, cement, plaster and mortar mixtures

Packing stretch hood is the future of high-capacity pallet packing in foil. Type machine Stretch-hood ROBOHOOD automatically pulled over the hood of PE stretch film product or range, ensuring a safe and compact packaging of the product of 5 sides. Stretchhood is particularly suitable for the packing of bulk materials such as cement, lime, plaster, or a mixtures other construction materials such as insulation materials, bricks, tiles, roof tiles and the like. Type of packaging in foil stretchhood unmatched protects all goods and building materials from mechanical damage, weather and pests.

Stertch-hood - stroj pro balení  do fólieStretchhood - balení stavebních materiálů Stretchhood - balení cementu a vápna


Stretch wrapping into foil - all construction materials

ROBOPAC company offers a wide range of semi-automatic and fully-automatic stretch wrapping machines for wrapping of building materials used in construction. Selected type of construction is usually wrapping the capacity requirements of operation, but very often also the stability of the product. The fully-automatic stretch wrapping systems from ROBOPAC can select wrapping machine with turntable TECHNOPLAT, wrapping machines with arm HELIX or wrapping machines with rotating ring GENESIS. Semi-automatic stretch wrapping systems, then presents a number of economic machines ROBOPAC ECOPLAT or performances stretch wrapping machine with turntable ROBOPAC ROTOPLAT. Unipack offers a special battery-powered mobile wraparound robots ROBOT S6 or robot WORKER preferably used outdoors building.

Balení střešních konstrukcí -trámy, krokve Ovinování stavebního materiálu do stretch fólie Ovinování a balení ve stavebnictví - UNIPACK


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