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Food industry-packaging into film

Company UNIPACK offers complex solutions in the field of industrial packaging food and beverage industry. The range UNIPACK find semi-automatic to fully-automatic systems for food packaging in shrink film, machines for packing in cardboard boxes, wrapping machines for packaging into stretch films including accessories, conveyor lines and packaging materials.

Comprehensive packaging offer UNIPACK
  • An optimal technical solution
  • Choosing cost-effective packaging system
  • Manufacture and installation of packaging line
  • Manufacture of consumables PP and PET straps
  • Production of accessories and conveyor systems
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service


Food and beverage packaging

UNIPACK offers:

  • Food and beverage packaging in foil
  • Folding, bonding and taping boxes
  • Pallet wrapping and stretch-hood

Very popular and newly used in the metallurgical industry is banding help rechargeable manual strapping devices for plastic and polyester strap. Distinct advantages of baterry powered strapping tools and plastic strap today in the steel industry is often replace heavy and expensive steel strapping tape. Strapping tool OR-T 400 can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation even in the outdoors, is lightweight, so it is not necessary suspension device, connects via strap contention, therefore is no need buckles, strapping is much cheaper than steel tape, lighter, less bulky, better manipulable, recyclable, etc.


Folding and bonding boxes

Company UNIPACK provides a full range of folding and taping machines for forming and bonding cardboard boxes. Taping machine STARTAPE from company ROBOPAC used for sealing flaps and bottom pad with adhesive tape. The machines have a top or bottom taping head and integrated belt or roller conveyor. Combined machines ROBOPAC SUPERBOX are fully automatic device for forming cartons and tape the bottom of the absence operator. Filling is then carried out of the machine. For taping cardboard is used adhesive tape from PP or PVC.

Skládání krabic - potraviny Lepení krabic-potraviny


Strapping cartons and products

We offer a wide range of stainless steel strapping machines for the food industry. Very popular are machine with side welding MOSCA RO-MS-VA, where dirt from the operation fall outside or machine with ultrasonic welding system Sonixs MOSCA SONIXS TRP-VA suitable for damp and wet operation.


Stapling boxes

We offer mechanical and pneumatic pliers or staplers Josef Kihlberg for cartonnage. Staplers simply closed cardboard box with a steel buckle. Staplers are suitable for closing most cardboard boxes from 2-3 layered cardboard. Thanks to Josef Kihlberg stapler can connect flap carton - Pneumatic Top Stapler C561PN, bottom carton - Bottom stapler B561 PN, sides cardboards, create cover and the like. If you are not sure of choosing the right stapler, we will advise you.


Cartoning machines

Cartoning machines STARWRAP and PLANET are fully automatic packaging systems, sometimes referred to as WRAP-AROUND that fill and form the carton or tray fastened around a group of products. Cartoning machine COMBI - Wrap-around case packers series PL@NET with case formation and closure in continuous to pack products into cases or into trays and shrink wrapping machine series ST@R.

Balení piva do krabice Detail plnění kartonu Detail uzavřeného kartonu


Packaging of food in foil

Very popular in food packaging is heat-shrinkable film, which protects the product foil, in the first phase of industrial packing. UNIPACK company offers a wide range of packaging machines to heat shrinkable film in all levels of automation from semi-automatic machines to the fully-automatic packaging machines. Representative of semi-automatic package can be chamber Packing machine ROBOPAC MICRA designed especially for small food manufacturers and an additional operation. A higher level of automation is Packing machine with tunnel ARIANE. This machine welded foil around the product and a passage of product in the hot air in tunnel wraps the foil around packing product. Fully automatic machines for food packaging represent ATHENA CS - bagging machine suitable to combine with the tunnel, ATHENA COMBI - combined bagging machine with tunnel, TUNELL - shrinking is due to the passage of the product hot-air tunnel.

Balení plechovek -tác a fóliePoloautomatické balení potravin do fólie - MICRA LAutomatické balení potravin do fólie - ATHENA CS


Beverage packaging in foil

Packing lines L@SER, ST@R, GAL@XY and fully automatic packaging systems that wraps a group of products such as bottles, cans or tins into heat-shrinkable film, but with the option to insert a cardboard pad or tray. L@SER - foil weld connection+shrinkage in the tunnel, capacity up to 20 packages/min., one lane, packaging with film only, film+pad, film+tray. ST@R - shrinkage in the tunnel, capacity 20 to 60 packages/min. in one lane, capacity 30+30 to 60+60 packages/min. in double lane, packaging with film only, film+pad, film+tray. GAL@XY - shrinkage in the tunnel, capacity 70 or 80 packages/min., one lane, packaging with film only, film + pad, film + tray.

Balení piva do fólie - multipackBalicí stroj L@SER


Stretch wrapping food in foil and stretchhood

Company ROBOPAC offers a wide range semi-automatic and fully-automatic stretch wrapping machines for wrapping food and the food industry. Selected type of wrapping food is usually in requirements operation capacity, but often also on the stability of the product. The fully-automatic stretch wrapping systems from ROBOPAC can select wrapping machine with turntable TECHNOPLAT, wrapping machines with arm HELIX or wrapping machines with rotating ring GENESIS. Semi-automatic stretch wrapping systems, then presents a number of economic machines ROBOPAC ECOPLAT or performances stretch wrapping machines with turntable ROBOPAC ROTOPLAT. UNIPACK offers a special wraparound robots or system STRETCHHOOD.

Ovinování palet do stretch fólie ROBOPAC Ovinování potravin do fólie TECHNOPLAT 3000 Ovinování do fólie Helix HS40

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