Helix EVO - automatic wrapping machine

Helix Evo 1

14. 06. 2018 | Automatic machine with rotating arm for wrapping palletised loads with stretch film, it is particularly suitable for use in trade sectors where high production rates are required and for light products, easily deformable and unstable.

HELIX EVO - Automatic wrapping machine

HELIX EVO - with a high capacity pallet wrapping, up to 80 pallets prer hour.

Wrapping machines HELIX EVO is a powerful automatic wrapping device with a rotating arm for high-capacity operations. With a rotating arm and a modular stand construction system, HELIX EVO is suitable for a wide range of industrial segments, including large, lightweight or easily deformable products. The high rigidity of the frame, together with the durability and reliability of all rotating parts, controls and functions, ensures maximum efficiency and long life even under the most demanding operating conditions.




HELIX HELIX 1 EVO and EVO 3 differ from each other mainly maximum capacity of packaging pallets. The less powerful EVO 1 is ideal for lower or medium production with a capacity of up to 65 pallets per hour. The more powerful wrapping system HELIX EVO 3 is suitable for medium to high production up to 80 pallets per hour. Machines are suitable as part of the packaging line through the integrated transport system and the ability to carry out the whole process of developing pallets without the need for operator intervention.

Předepínací jednotky
Pre-stretch PGSM carriage with single motorisation with standard provided ratios 150 % - 208 % - 245 %, which can be replaced manually thanks to optional kits for ratios from 80 % to 344 %. PGSA carriage with double indepedent motorisation for continuously varying pre-stretch from control panel 150 % to 400 % and apply up to 12 containment force values on the pallet. SCCP/2 carriage with double indepedent SSC motorisation for continuosly varying pre-stretch from control panel 150 % to 400 % and apply up to 12 force containment values on the load.
Příslušenství pro HELIX EVO

Vertical pressure platen. The device can be used with particularly unstable l

TOP INSIDE (T. I.) Device for covering the upper side of the pallet.
Corner applicator is automatic device to protect the load. Pallet liffting system located under the conveyor in machine center.


Features HELIX EVO
Minimal pallet dimension 400 x 600 mm
Maximal pallet dimension 1220 x 1200 mm
Minimal pallet height 500 mm
Maximal pallet height 2000 mm
output capacity pallet/h 1 EVO up to 65 / 3 EVO up to 80
Pre-stretch carriage PGSM 161 % - 208 % - 269 %
Pover suppůy voltage 380 - 400 - 415 V, 50 Hz
Air pressure 6 bar
Reel height 500 mm (optional 750 mm)
Maximal reel deameter 250 mm
Film thickness workable 12 - 30 μm


ISO 9001 accredited ISO 9001 accredited

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