Metallurgical industry

Metallurgical industry - packaging and banding

Company UNIPACK offers complex packaging solutions in the field of metallurgy and metallurgical industry. The range UNIPACK find all levels of automation packages for metallurgical products such as wires, bundles of tubes and profiles, coils, sheets, rails, steel bars and concrete reinforcing steel and many more.

Comprehensive packaging offer UNIPACK
  • An optimal technical solution
  • Choosing cost-effective packaging system
  • Manufacture and installation of packaging line
  • Manufacture of consumables PP and PET straps
  • Production of accessories and conveyor systems
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service


Metallurgical products - profiles, wires, sheets, coils

"Strapping is a proven way packaging and fixing products in metallurgy."

Steel products such as steel profiles, wire, sheets, coils, tube bundles, rails, bars, or rebars have one thing in common: they need to cover that reliably secures goods during transport, but must also be economical and environmentally friendly. As the most effective packaging and fixing products for the steel industry has been firmly established strapping, using steel or lighter applications using PET plastic strapping, which is economical, recyclable and very good mechanical properties. For steel strapping is usually used two ways of connecting straps and buckles and that cross themselves without buckles. For connecting plastic of PET polyester strap is then used to help weld connection or deformation strength special buckles.


Hand mechanical strapping - steel strap

Mechanické páskování ocelových profilů Mechanické páskování trubek Mechanické páskování svitků drátů 

Company UNIPACK offers a wide range of manual strapping tools for strapping steel products. Mechanical tools connect the steel strap by intersection buckle and intersection strap without buckle. UNIPACK offer include customer service and supply all accessories such as deformation tensioners, sealers, strap dispensers, steel strap, buckles and more.


Hand pneumatic strapping tool - steel strap

Company UNIPACK offers a wide range of pneumatic strapping tools for strapping steel products. Pneumatic strapping tools ORGAPACK connect the steel strap buckle intersection assistance or help intersection strap without buckle. UNIPACK offer include full service and supply all kinds of accessories such as frames around the product, spring hangers for hanging tool, rotary spreader bars, conveyors and sliding desks, strap dispensers, strapping tools,strapping of steel strap, buckles and more.

Pneumatické páskování železa Pneumatické páskování svitků oceli Pneumatické páskování svitků


Battery powered hand tools - PET plastic strap

Very popular and newly used in the metallurgical industry is banding help rechargeable manual strapping devices and plastic polyester strap. Distinct advantages powered strapping tool and plastic strap today in the steel industry often replace heavy and expensive steel strapping.

Aku páskovač oceli Akumulátorový páskovač oceli OR-T 400 Aku páskovač ocelových trubek


Automatic strapping machine - steel strap
  • strapping flat products - steel plates, beams of steel profiles
  • strapping coils - steel wire, concrete steel, steel bars, steel pipes
  • strapping center - rolls of steel sheet, coils of wire

Automatické páskování ocelových svitků Automatické páskování ocelových plechů Páskovač ocelových svitků středem


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