MOSCA FUSION strapping machine new generation

RO-M Fusion

08. 03. 2012 | Concern MOSCA AG once again setting the pace in the field of strapping and represents their pride RO-M Fusion, the latest generation of automatic strapping machine series RO-M. Fusion or fusion machines RO-R-M and RO-MP-K, is traditionally built with the highest demands on quality of design, technology and used parts.

FUSION offers a new Standart 3 sealing unit, higher strapping speeds, higher strap tension if needed, super soft strapping. RO-M Fusion can be fed simultaneosly at the front and rear thanks to its pivoted operation panel. Fusion is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as printing industry, cardboard industry, postal and distribution centers. For more than 40 years MOSCA company occupies a leading position in the field of high-quality strapping machines. The first machine RO-M, characterized by its robust construction, reliability and ease of use, was made already in 1970.

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