New strapping table MOSCA MO-M-8

MO-M-8 strapping table

26. 01. 2016 | German manufacturer of strapping techniques MOSCA just launched a new model of semi-automatic strapping machine for reliable strapping in small and medium quantities. Strapping table MO-M-8 is especially suitable for strapping packages, cardboard and any products that can be placed on a desktop of machine.

MOSCA introduces MO-M-8 - Semi-automatic strapping table


MO-M-8MO-M-8 cardboard strapping

Mosca's new semi-automatic strapping machine responds to the needs of customers who want a lower entry-level machine at an attractive price without sacrificing quality. Based on the established RO-M Fusion, the MO-M-8 offers reliable operation with high availability. The compact machine dispenses with Mosca's usual strap guide frame. Instead, the strap is wrapped around the package manually. This makes the MO-M-8 easy to use and ideal for customers who need to strap a low number of packages without renouncing efficiency and reliability.

The MO-M-8 is especially designed for users who generally don't need to strap items as often - but rely on high availability when they do. It dispenses with the strap guide frame. To strap a product, the operator places the package on the machine and lays the strap on manually. The unit is available with an optional table stop to facilitate optimum positioning of the individual packages. Strap return, tension adjustment and the welding of the strap ends are conducted automatically after the strap is placed in the sealing unit to initiate the strapping process.

New reliable and economical welding unit

MO-M-8 Welding unit MO-M-8MO-M-8MO-M-8 control panel

MOSCA MO-M-8 - convenient and economical strapping

The proven standard 3 sealing unit is at the heart of the new MO-M-8. Temperature is regulated via a controller on the heating blade, and multiple decentralized DC motors replace the central drive in the sealing unit. The direct drive for these functions completely eliminates the need for wearing parts, including toothed belts, clutches and chains. For the user, this means high availability and low maintenance. An automatic strap feed on the sealing unit supports coil changing, which is made easy thanks to the quick-change system. The MO-M-8 is also extremely energy efficient with a power consumption of only approx. 120 watts.

Strapping machineQuick-change system
The machine is controlled via Mosca's proprietary MSCB-1 real-time control panel. Operators can set the strap tension or required strap length via the potentiometer to optimize the process for their specific application. The soft tension capability makes it easy to strap even delicate products. The strap feed can also be easily readjusted via a push button. An illuminated service push-button indicates the machine's current operating state with colored signals. This means that the operator can see right away if the heating has not yet reached welding temperature or the safety circuit is interrupted, and can respond accordingly. The MO-M-8 is suitable for packages that are a minimum of 80 mm wide and 10 mm high. Polypropylene (PP) straps with a width of five, eight or twelve millimeters may be used according to requirements.

Strap tightening force max. 25 kg
Working height 820-900 mm
Strap type PP - polypropylene
Strap width 5, 8 or 12 mm
Min. product dimensions 80x10 mm
Tightening force seting potenciometer
Strap feed setting potenciometer
Machine weight 120 kg

ISO 9001 accredited ISO 9001 accredited

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