Strapping, tying or binding is a kind of fixation of products or groups of products into a compact units with a strap. Binding tape is reliable fixation product for the handling and transport with minimal costs. Strapping can be used not only as binding or tensioning products, but also as a safety feature mailing consignment.

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When strapping the product is encircled with binding strap or a cord that is tightened and connected - is created by fixating a cycle. The rate of fixation is determined by material a bundling strap, the number of cycles and force tightening cycle and method of application. Strapping is a proven method of fixation for paper, cardboard, construction materials, boxes, stationery, boxes, containers, tubes, wood, tires and many more.

Strapping category is further divided into the following subcategories

  • MANUAL STRAPPING TOOLS - In this category wi find strapping tools for manual strapping. Mechanical strapping tools for plastic (PP/PET) strap, strapping tools for banding with textile strap and strapping tools for steel or stainless steel straps (Bandimex). Mechanical strapping sets that offer strapping sets that offer strapping kits containing everything you need for strapping packages, pallets and others. Cord-less hand-held strapping tools suitable for strapping for example in werehouses, where is the need for banding on many different places or pneumatic strapping tools for professional strapping in heavy industries with high strength on joints.
  • STRAPPING MACHINES - Category of strapping machines are divided mainly on semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines and strapping machines for pallet strapping. Semi-automatic strapping machines are machines requiring the assistance or the surgeon and are used primarily for strapping of boxes, packages etc. Automatic strapping machines are suitable for installation in automatic lines and higher output capacity. Strapping of pallets can be used for strapping pallets of construction materials, strapping cardboard and more, these machines can strapping vertically and horizontally.
  • BINDING MACHINES - Binding machines for tying help of tying cords are used to bind delicate products or products of irregular shape or with a smal diamered, used for example for binding meat, newspapers, packages and textiles, but can also be used in the garden industry for tying trees and similarly.
  • BANDING MACHINES - Banding machines are machines for strapping of delicate products with a wide foil or paper tape when the tape may also form a panel. This strapping machines are particularly suitable for strapping of delicade products, such as bank notes, cotton or drugs which are exposed easy damage.


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