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Company UNIPACK offers comprehensive solutions of packing in the field of printing and polygraphic industry. In the range of UNIPACK you will find all levels of automation packages for newspapers, magazines or books. Strapping machines can sensitively strap with plastic foil or paper tape in all directions including dosage, rotation, pressure or centering device with speed up to 40 cycles per minute.

Comprehensive packaging offer UNIPACK
  • An optimal technical solution
  • Choosing cost-effective packaging system
  • Manufacture and installation of packaging line
  • Manufacture of consumables PP and PET straps
  • Production of accessories and conveyor systems
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service


Printing products, newspapers, magazines

Printing products are very specific products, newspapers, magazines and high-gloss brochures or leaflets have one thing in common: they need to cover that reliably secures products during transport, but should also be economical and environmentally friendly. Strapping technique has proven to be the best solution for the industry. Thanks to printing also benefit other sectors of the advantages of modern strapping, such as logistics, cardboard industry, paper and mailing or distribution centers.


Proposal for packaging lines UNIPACK

Level of automation packaging lines is always dependent on several factors such as limitation of operation in the area, fragility or special requirements for handling, budget costs, philosophy and development of the company. According to level of automation in the packaging line is divided into semi-automatic and fully-automatic. Phase of wrapping cycle, depending on pre-selected technology packaging of the product. When packaging printings, newspapers, magazines or books is standard procedure strapping bundles 5 mm plastic strap, then stacking on a pallet, then palletized bundles and wrap into stretch films. Among the various stages of packaging are usually incorporated additional features, such as handling by conveyor, dosage, comparisons, centering, inserting protective elements, pressing or marking to achieve quality and efficient package.

  Semi-automatic line Automatic line Fully-automatic line
Strapping bundles - standart MOSCA MO-M-7 MOSCA RO-MP-5 MOSCA SONIXS TAI
Strapping bundles - sensitive COM J240 ATS US2000 ATS US2000 TRANSIT
Strapping pallet MOSCA KU-412 MOSCA KCS 111 MOSCA KPR 131


Strapping bundles - Semi-automatic

Company UNIPACK offers a complete range of semi-automatic strapping machine from simple strapping desk to sophisticated strapping machines with bolt-driving frame. Economical and very reliable strapping desk which used 5 mm wide strap UNIPACK TP-502 with fine-tightening meet all the basic requirements for packaging newspapers or magazines. Strapping machines with frame represent a high quality such as machine MOSCA RO-M FUSION, MOSCA RO-MP-5, MOSCA SONIXS machines with ultrasonic welding system.


Strapping bundles - Automatic

Standard form of packaging printed materials in the first phase strapping bundles using the 5 mm wide polypropylene strap simple, parallel or double bundle to cross. Company UNIPACK offers a wide range of strapping machines used for printing and polygraphic industry at all levels of automation from semi-automatic machines to the fully-automatic strapping machines. Sophisticated technology banding, which addresses all contingencies printed materials, guarantees the company MOSCA position as world leader in the printing and graphics industry. Examples of fully automatic strapping machines with laterally strapping, ie perpendicular to the direction of movement of the product are machines MOSCA RO-TRP-5 (SONIX TRP) and MOSCA RO-TR-5 (SONIXS TR). MOSCA SONIXS means innovative of ultrasonic welding system, which has a much higher than durability welding heater. In-line automatic strapping machines in direction of product as MOSCA RO-TRI-5 SONIXS TRI. High capacity of strapping systems especially designed for large printer strapping to cross are MOSCA RO-TR-5-D, embedded system with conveyor MOSCA RO-TA-5 or the most effective MOSCA RO-TAI (SONIXS TAI).


Sensitive strapping bundles - Paper and foil tape

Company UNIPACK offers a wide range of strapping machines for sensitive strapping with paper and foil tape designed for printing and polygraphic industry. Machines COM and ATS are available in all levels of automation from semi-automatic machines to the fully-automatic strapping machines including accessories and consumables. Machines for fine strapping of magazines or newspapers, where there is no risk of damage to the product are ATS MS-420, COM J240, ATS US 2000 or Ultrasonic machine ATS US2100. Paper or foil tape can be also used like label on product. Is widely used in strapping magazines with information about action offer "2 for 1".


Packing in heat shrinkable film

Bundles of newspapers, magazines, folders, business cards can be packaged in heat shrink film to protect the entire product sheet, in the first phase of the package. UNIPACK company offers a wide range of packaging machines to heat shrinkable film in all levels of automation from semi-automatic machines to the fully-automatic packaging machines. Representative of semi-automatic machines can be chamber Packing machine ROBOPAC MICRA designed especially for small printers and graphic studios. The amount of level of automation is a Packing machine with tunnel ARIANE, which automatically shrink film in the tunnel. Fully automatic machines for the packaging printed materials represent ATHENA CS - bagging machine suitable to combine with the tunnel, ATHENA COMBI - combined bagging machine with tunnel, TUNELL - shrinking is due to the passage of the product in hot-air tunnel.


Pallet strapping

MOSCA strapping machines are fully automatic strapping systems intended for incorporation into packaging lines suitable for printed strapping, cardboard and products made from corrugated cardboard. Machine type MOSCA KPR are based on a system of building blocks, where the main part consists of robust construction and the necessary software machine control for incorporation into automatic conveyor track. An example might be Strapping press MOSCA KCK-131 which is a fully automatic strapping equipment with downforce and rotating cross for vertical pallet strapping, PET and PP strap. Strapping press MOSCA KCK-131 has a capacity of 130 pallets per hour, two strapping heads, pressure 30 000 N and frame width 2600 mm. Optional MOSCA KCK system includes ultrasonic welding SONIXS, special pressure 50 000 N, scanning of the product, centering product in front of machine, automatic insertion of the upper and lower edges of cardboard, safety equipment (protective fences, stops ..), security lights, conveyor systems UNIPACK - roller, lamellar belt conveyors, elevators, turntables, centering conveyors, sliding conveyors and more.


Stretch wrapping into foil

Company ROBOPAC offers a wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrapping machine for wrapping printed and using in printing and polygraphic industry. The wrapping printed is usually the capacity requirements of operation, but very often also the stability of the product. The fully-automatic stretch wrapping systems from ROBOPAC can select wrapping machine with turntable TECHNOPLAT, wrapping machines with arm HELIX or wrapping machines with rotating ring GENESIS. Wrapping equipment TECHNOPLAT 3000 is a fully-automatic stretch wrapping machine with turntable and powered conveyor, automatic grip, cutting and welding unit and fixed or variable pre-stretch system. Technoplat also offers a wide range of optional accessories, such as safety barriers, conveyors, pressure, control system, mast and unit of savings foil. Wrapping system with rotating arm HELIX HS 40 is suitable for high-capacity operation in cartonage industry and the paper industry with a capacity of more than 80 pallets per hour and the speed of rotation of the arm to 36 rotations per minute. HELIX HS 40 from company ROBOPAC SISTEMI ensuring stability pallets, upper pressure, overlap unit and unit of savings foil. Wrapping system with rotating ring GENESIS CUBE is very quick wraparound machine with a capacity of 135 pallet/hour, speed of rotation ring to 80 rpm/min. With zero dynamic forces acting on the pallete and high-speed is CUBE an ideal solution for high-capacity operation for printing and polygraphic industry.

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