Robot Master Plus

25. 09. 2018 | Company ROBOPAC delivers a new, improved generation of MASTER PLUS robots. It is a compact wrapping machine based on years of experience of ROBOPAC. The MASTER PLUS is simple to operate and minimal requirements for the space needed for wrapping is an excellent solution in smaller spaces.

Semi-automatic wrapping robots MASTER PLUS

The new series of economic self-propelled packaging machines MASTER PLUS.

UNIPACK is an presents Robopac Master Plus robot self-propelled wrapping robot. Attractive design and sophisticated technology combine into a powerful and reliable wrapping robot that wraps products on pallets. Master Plus has been designed to be as compact as possible and therefore requires minimal space during wrapping. The robot is easy to operate, with a focus on industrial use. The Master Plus is richly equipped and newly expanded with a new 3.5 "color display with a control panel, a handle with a robot drive control.


New 3,5 inches control panel with color graphic display.
Rudder for manual movement controls in egonomic position for easy use.
The new control panel combines the Master Jog Dial with graphic display with intuitive icons to make it easy to set up and to select the correct wrapping parameters for each of your loads. With the rudder you can easily carry the  robot from one point to another without the use of forklifts. Manual movement controls in ergonomic position for easy use of the robot.
Spool carriafes

Spool carriage FR - with electromagnetic brake on return roller. Stretch tension adjustable from control panel. Brake coupling after cycle start for easy film easy film hooking to pallet base. Spool carriage FRD - with mechanical brake on return roller. Brake engagement/release device to failitate hooking the film to the base of the pallet. Spool carriage PDS -  with double pre-stretching system that can be activated from control panel. The carriage is fitted with a pre-stretching system fixed at 250 %.
Technical parameters MASTER PLUS M80 MASTER PLUS M110
Spool carriage FRD, FR (stretch) FRD, FR (stretch), PDS (pre-stretch)
Pre-stretch no yes - 250 % (optional 150, 200, 300 %)
Batteries  2x 12 V 75 Ah (C5) AGV 2x 12 V 110 Ah (C5) lead-acid
Rotation speed 35-65 m/min 35-65 m/min
Carriage up-down speed 1-4.6 m/min 1-4.6 m/min
Pallets pre battery charge 150 250
Power supply 100-240 V 100-240 V
Installed power 0.3 kW 0.4 kW
Load height sensing by photocell yes yes
Forklifting yes yes
Minimum workable dimensions 600x600 mm 600x600 mm
Maximum product height 2200 mm (optional 2400 mm) 2200 mm (optional 2400 mm)
Minimal weight 45 kg 45 kg
Maximal spool diameter 300 mm 300 mm
Inner core diameter 76 mm 76 mm
Film thickness 17-35 µm 17-35 µm
Film lengh 500 mm 500 mm
Dimensions Master Plus

Dimensions of robots MASTER PLUS
Dimensions   E = 2200mm       E = 2400 mm  
A (mm) 1672 1667 1667   1672 1667 1667
B (mm) 726 726 726   726 726 726
C (mm) 1136 1136 1136   1136 1136 1136
D (mm) 2596 2603 2823   2795 2802 3022
H (mm) 1030 1030 1030   1030 1030 1030
L (mm) 2595 2595 2595   2794 2794 2595
váha (M80 kg) 292 298     296 302  
váha (M110 kg) 314 320 333   318 324 337


ISO 9001 accredited ISO 9001 accredited

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