ROTOTECH 3000 Vertical Stretch Wrapping machine

Automatic packaging line - ROTOTECH 3000

24. 04. 2018 | The ROTOTECH 3000 machine from the Italian manufacturer ROBOPAC is a fully automatic vertical winding device of products into a stretch stretch film with a wrapping arm. It is the ideal solution for packaging products that are particularly unstable during the packing process. With a wide range of optional accessories, the machine can be customized to suit customer requirements.

ROTOTECH 3000 - Automatic wrapping machine

ROTOTECH 3000 - Automatic Vertical Stretch Wrapping Machine

Wrapping machines ROTOTECH PVS 3000 and 3000 ROTOTECH PGS are fully automatic packing line for wrapping palette with a driven conveyor system, the ability to make the entire packaging cycle without operator intervention and the possibility to bring in pallets using palletizing truck. The wrapping line is equipped with a wrapping unit with the possibility of stretching foil up to 400%.

Vertical stretch wrapping machine ROTOTECH 3000

The high strength of the frame, together with the durability and reliability of all rotating parts of the machine, the controls and functions guarantee high efficiency and long service life even in the toughest working conditions. The ROTOTECH 3000 is a response to industrial demands and high productivity.

 "Multilevel-Control" panel

The control panel is the brain of the Technoplat 2000 packaging line, the heart of the machine and Robopac's cutting edge technology "Multilevel-Control". Excellent 7-inch color touch screen with icons specifically designed and created by ROBOPAC led to the implementation of the "Multilevel-Control". The next-generation graphical interface allows easy and immediate use of all available features.

 Wrapping units : pre-stretch up to 400 %

Předepínání fólie PDSPředepínání stretch fólie PVS

PGS wrapping unit

(picture on the left) The PGS unit is equipped with a motor that is fixed to 200% foil preload. If necessary, it is possible to replace the engine with another set of motor with 150%, 200-250% and 300% tape preload. The setting is controlled from the control panel.

PVS wrapping unit

(picture on the right) PVS is a winding unit with two independent motors that provide a variable pre-setting setting of 150-400%. This setting can be controlled from the control panel where up to 12 different levels of preload can be on one pallet.

Clamping and cutting device

The ROTOTECH 3000 wrapping machine is equipped with an automatic gripping, cutting and welding unit. This unit allows for perfect automatic ending of the foil at the end of each wrapping cycle. Prior to wrapping the pliers, the end of the sheet is held and after the first wrapping of the pallet the end of the foil is released, the free-hanging end is automatically retracted by means of the air nozzles and is secured by another layer of sheaf. When the wrapping is completed, the gripper catches the foil, its end is brushed with a brush and the rest of the film cuts off the hot wire. Optionally, a welding unit can be added to this machine, which welds the end of the foil to the wrapped palette and prevents it from unpacking.

ROTOTECH 3000 Vertical Stretch Wrapping machine

Productivity (pallet/hod) 35
Arm rotation speed 7-15
Carriage up/down speed adjustable from control panel (m/min) 2,5-7,2
Variable conveyor speed (m/min) fixed: 10, 12, 15 (std) / variable: 8-15 (opt)
Minimum pallet dimensions (LxWxH) mm 600x800x500 (std)
Maximum pallet dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1700x1050x2000 (std) / with conveyors W = 1100 mm
Maximum pallet dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1500x1250x2000 (opt) / with conveyors W = 1300 mm 
Variable film tensioning STD
Film pre-stretch PGS: fixed 250 % / PVS variable 150 - 400 %
Power Supply (VAC) 400 VAC 3Ph+N+PE 50 Hz
Installed power (without conveyors) kW PGS: 4,4 / PVS: 5,5
Max spool dimension  (diameter x H (mm) x kg) 300x500x20
Film thickness µm 17-35 

ISO 9001 accredited ISO 9001 accredited

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