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Strapping machines, binding machines and also the table strapping machines for products are devices that quickly and effectively connects the strap, creating a fixed cycle. These strapping machines are particularly suitable for strapping of newspapers, books, profiles, boxes, products, printed materials, cartons, etc. Strapping machines are divided according to the level of automation to the semi-automatic strapping machines, usually without insertion frame and to automatic strapping machines with inserting or feeding frame.

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Typy páskovacích strojů

Economical strapping machinesEconomical strapping machines
  • ECONOMIC STRAPPING MACHINES - The category of "Economic strapping machines" includes automatic machines, their includes a guide frame for sightinf strap around the product. These strapping machines are indeed limited of a maximum size of banded product, but their strapping speed is much higher than strapping speed of frameless semi-automatic strapping machines. These frameless strapping machines (strapping tables) does not have much a high strapping speed, but unlike of the frame strapping machines are not limited to the size of banded product and are capable of strapping products that can be places on the working table.
  • STRAPPING MACHINES - MOSCA - In the category "Strapping machines - MOSCA" you can see the top banding machines from leading German manufacturer MOSCA. These powerful strapping machines are divided into three basic groups. Semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic strapping machines, another divide of machines is according to way of strapping and that is in-line (longitudinal) strapping, lateral strapping or cross banding. Last but not least devide of strapping machines is according to the type of banded product. Machines fo strapping of corrugated cardboard and paper goods, strapping of packages and parcels for logistics uses, banding foods and drinks, building materials and ceramic strapping, or strapping of printed products such as newspapers and printing.
 Economical strapping machines
  • ECONOMIC PALLET STRAPPING - In the category of "Pallet strapping - Economic" you can find strapping machines adapted for strapping bulky products or palletized goods with PP or PET strapping tape. Strapping machines puts the strapping tape around the product with hlep of guide frame in horizontal or vertical direction and connects the tape with weld. These machines are classified according to the degree of automation for automatic and semi-automatic, when semi-automatic strapping machines are mobile and have no strap guiding frame, but the strap is manually introduced by operator.
  • PALLET STRAPPING - MOSCA - In the category of "Pallet strapping - MOSCA" you will find strapping presses and vertical or horizontal strapping machines for pallet strapping from top producer of strapping machines MOSCA. Strapping press is machine with vertical pressure, which before the process of strapping compress products on a pallet and this machine is mainly used in the paper industry. Remaining horizontal and vertical machines are mainly used for strapping pallets with construction materials and all MOSCA strapping machines are suitable for incorporation into automatic packaging line.


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