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In the category "Strapping machines - MOSCA" you can see the top banding machines from leading German manufacturer MOSCA. These powerful strapping machines are divided into three basic groups. Semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic strapping machines, another division of the machines is according to way of strapping and that is in-line (longitudinal) strapping, lateral strapping or cross banding. Last but not least devide of strapping machines is according to the type of banded product. Machines fo strapping of corrugated cardboard and paper goods, strapping of packages and parcels for logistics uses, banding foods and drinks, building materials and ceramic strapping, or strapping of printed products such as newspapers and printing.

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The basic division of category "Strapping machines - MOSCA" is according to the degree of automatization of these banding machines

 Strapping table MOSCA MO-M-8
  • SEMIAUTOMATIC STRAPPING MACHINES - Semi-automatic strapping machines are devices for banding with plastic strapping tape and needs an operator for implementing whole strapping cycle. Into this category are two types of machines, machines with guide frame and frameless machines. Frameless strapping machines are mainly characterized that the maximum product size is not limited and machine can banding products of any size that can be placed on the worktop. The machine operator manually introduce strap around the product and after inserting the tape into the welding unit, then machine tighten the strap and weld it together. Semi-automatic strapping machines with frame has limited maximum size of banded product, but it is characterized by higher speed, because the strap is passed arounf product automatically with the help of guide frame and the operator simply starts the process of strapping using the button or foot pedal.
Automatic strapping machine MOSCAAutomatic strapping machine MOSCA
  • AUTOMATIC STRAPPING MACHINES - Automatic strapping machines are devices with guide frame as a part of construction, this guiding frame automatically created a loop of strap inside the frame. Then operator placed product inside the strapping frame and starts the banding cycle. The machine automatically tightens the strap according to preset tightening force and joins the strap with welding. When strapping cycle is done, the machine automatically guides the strap in the guiding frame and prepare loop for the next cycle. The main advantage of these machines is primarily speed of strapping, when thanks to the automatic introduction of strap can machine make up to 58 strapping cycles per minute.
Fully automatic strapping machineFully automatic strapping machine
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC STRAPPING MACHINES - Fully automatic strapping machines or pass throught machines are strapping devices suitable for integration into automatic packaging lines, because it does not require the presence of operator and the entire strapping process can be done automatically. These strapping machines are excellet solution in operations with high packaging capacity. They are divided mainly by direction of product strapping on the longitudinal, lateral and cross, that machine can rotate the object and make double cross banding.


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