Strapping press MOSCA LCU

Strapping press MOSCA LCU

11. 05. 2016 | We would like to inform you that in the product portfolio of top German manufacturer of strapping machines Mosca, was added fully automatic strapping machine for wrapping pallets. The machine is capable of strapping up to 150 pallets per hour and is suitable for installation in automatic packaging lines.

Fully automatic strapping press Mosca LCU for pallets strapping

The fully automated Mosca LCU pallet packing press is suitable for many different industries and can be easily integrated into new or existing production lines. A variety of options are available to tailor the machine to individual customer requirements.

Pallets straping Mosca LCUStrapping press Mosca LCU

Ultrasonic welding unit SoniXs

The LCU features a moveable SoniXs sealing unit for consistent parallel ultrasonic welding. After applying strap in the first position, it moves to the second position to apply a second strap - securing the load for transport. In addition, for higher-output operations, Mosca is able to supply the machine with two SoniXs ultrasonic sealing units.

LCU welding unit SoniXsLCULCU dispenser for two welding units

With one sealing unit, the LCU straps up to 95 pallets per hour; with two units, it can process up to 150 pallets per hour. Strap positions are based on Euro pallets and can be set to 440 or 625 millimetres for horizontal or vertical strapping.

"The LCU offers high-performance entry level pallet strapping to cost conscious global markets" explains Christian Zwieb, responsible for product management at Mosca GmbH.

LCU is a powerful series of machines at a reasonable price

"Complimenting the fully automated high-end machines in the KCK and KPK ranges, the LCU has been specially designed for rapid changing, lower output production runs. Additional options are available based on specific customer requirements."
Options include a conveying system that enables users to integrate the LUC into an existing line. Other additions that can be specified include the BSG-3 strap sealing unit, which eliminates time-consuming strap coil changes, thereby minimising downtime and making the operator's job easier.


Safety system ZES - Zero Energy State

For enhanced operator safety the LCU can also be fitted with Mosca's Zero Energy State System (ZES). This means that no electrical energy is required to hold the compression plate up; if the machine's power supply is interrupted, the plate moves into a fixed position and is secured. The compression plate can then be put back into operation when power is restored. This protects the operator and ensures safer access to the work area. ZES can also be used as a service mode and be switched on or off. Even without ZES, a mechanical safeguard is provided with screw-in gear segments.

safety system ZESLCUZero Energy State

German manufacturer of strapping techniques MOSCA

Mosca GmbH is a system supplier, developer and producer of high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials and safety systems for transporting goods for professional and industrial use. Its machine portfolio ranges from universal devices with a wide range of applications to fully automated, high-performance machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automated line.

pallet strappingStrapping of pallets with cardboard

The company's full range of machines and materials in Czech republic is available by company UNIPACK, which is the exclusive importer of machines Mosca and provider of customer service.

ISO 9001 accredited ISO 9001 accredited

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