Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics - transport packing

Company UNIPACK offers a wide range of solutions for shipping and transport packaging in the field of logistics. In the product range of UNIPACK are also strapping systems for consignments and wrapping systems into stretch film or stretch-hood in all levels of automation.

Comprehensive packaging offer UNIPACK
  • An optimal technical solution
  • Choosing cost-effective packaging system
  • Manufacture and installation of packaging line
  • Manufacture of consumables PP and PET straps
  • Production of accessories and conveyor systems
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service


High-quality transport packaging

UNIPACK offers:

  • Fixing the shipment binding tape
  • Filling materials
  • Packing in stretch film and PE film

High quality transport packaging minimizes risk for transportation. Selected packaging system should match the weight and type of product to protect goods from damage. Strapping shipments is already form an integral part of the transport package, because not only safely fix the packaging and goods, but also serves as a safety seal against penetration inside the package. Another important component of the package are fillers, which constitutes an essential protective deformation zone product. The upper part of the transport package then usually consists of packing or PE stretch film that protects the consignment against mechanical damage, weather and pests.


Mechanical hand fixing shipments
  • Wire self-locking buckle (surface galvanized or phosphate)
  • Polyester textile strap (hot melt or woven structure on tensile strength of up to 3 tons)
  • Heavy tensioners UNIPACK (for strapping width 10-50 mm)

Transportní balení - napínák textilní pásky Přepravní balení -drátěná spona Transportní balení -textilní PES páska  

Battery powered hand tools - high quality overseas packaging boxes

ACCU hand strapping tools are the most popular device for strapping palletised goods, crates, boxes of shipments destined for transport. Strapping tool connects (PP and PET) strap by weld, creating a sort of security seal against intrusion inside the package. Strapping tool can be used anywhere in the store or in the open air because it is not bound to supply electricity. We offer quality of Swiss battery powered hand tools ORGAPACK OR-T 250 - tightening force 2500 N, OR-T 400 - tightening force of 4000 N or combined strapping ORGAPACK OR-T 50- tightening force of 0-2300 N.

OR-T 250 Logistika a transport OR-T 250 páskování přepravních beden OR-T 250 - Přepravní balení  


Filling materials

Fillers are form an integral part of the transport package and form the necessary deformation zone. By filling space filling materials around the products minimizes the risk of possible damage. Unipack offers wide range of sizes bubble foil, also production of very popular air pad AIRFILL and machines FILLTECK 200 and 400 for production of air pad, including film AIRFILL.

FILLTECK 200 - výplňový materiál FILLTECK400 -výplňové polštářkyVýplňový materiál - bublinková fólie  


Stretch wrapping into stretch film - universal transport packaging

UNIPACK offers: Wrapping machines with turntable - semi-automatic to fully-automatic, robotic stretch wrapping machines - they are not limited by space and product dimensions (ROBOT S6, WORKER), wrapping machines with rotary arm or ring - semi-automatic to fully-automatic, including an automatic storage overlay - sophisticated system storage of overlays then prevents the possibility of water intrusion shipment.

Ovinování do fólie TECHNOPLAT 3000 Transportní ovinování palet ROBOPAC ROBOT S6 - Ovinovací robot

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