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Company UNIPACK provides warranty for 12 months on equipment in compliance with the conditions of usage and storage in accordance with the applicable specifications and ČSN standards.


In the case of a timely and legitimate claim of the unrecoverable defect the goods will be replaced free of charge, in the case of a recoverable defect, the goods will be reapired. For replacement performance the seller reserves the appropriate time. Claims with obvious defects can be applied together with the complaint supplied quantity of goods, and only in writing. The customer is obliged to check the goods when delivered. Defects found must be listed on the shipping sheet and with transporter there must be written a damage report. Please use this damage report copy when claiming the warranty. Hidden defects must be reported within 3 days of the found fault, but not later than 12 months from delivery. The customer has no right to claim for damages, especially to compensate for loss of profits due to the delivery of goods with defects.


  • WARRANTY PERIOD - On the equipment we guarantee 12 months with compliance with the conditions of usage and storage in accordance with the applicable specifications and standards of ČSN. The warranty period starts on the date of the sale of the equipment. This twelve-month warranty applies to single shift operation only. The warranty period shall be reduced in the event of two or three shifts. During time in which the owner can not use the device due to application of warranty, warranty period not will not run. After the warranty period, we provide customer service and sales of spare parts.
  • WARRANTY CLAIM - Are accepted only if they are sent to us along with a copy of the delivery note or filled out complaint requests. Spare parts or strapping tool is to be sent for repair or replacement for free. The costs associated with technicians visit at the customer in a case when the defect is not covered by the warranty, the customer must pay.
  • RANGE OF WARRANTY - If hand strapping machines during the warranty period show defects that are caused by a defect in material or production, then the warranty only covers free replacement of defective parts or repair. Spare parts replaced during warranty repairs are the property of UNIPACK.
  • EXCLUSION OF WARRANTY - From the warranty are excluded damages that are clearly caused by defective material, faulty construction or faulty production, as a result of normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance or repair, failure to respect the installation and operating procedures, excessive load (overload), of poor quality consumables, inadequate operational resources (media), chemical or electrolytic influences, damage or excessive violence use and also due to other causes not listed here.
  • WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY - to wear parts such as tightening wheels, knives, sealers, punches and dies, clamps and defects which only insignificantly or slightly affect the function or value of the product.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE - The warranty does not apply in the case of a persons intervention without the authorization from the manufacturer or with the use of non-original parts the.



Ownership passes to the buyer only after full payment of the purchase price.



The parties shall be subject exclusively to the laws in force in the Czech Republic and the CR jurisdiction. Using the laws applicable outside the Czech Republic is excluded. By placing an order the buyer agree with delivery conditions and sales rules and undertakes to respect.

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