Wood industry

Wood industry

Company UNIPACK offers complex packaging solutions in the field of timber and wood industries. In the assortment of UNIPACK you will find all levels of automation packaging for wood products such as beams, plates, laths, bundles of wood or lattice structure. Strapping and stretch wrapping machines can wrap and strap bundles and pallets including of pressure, centering, insertion of protective beams, laths or edges and cover foil.

Comprehensive packaging offer UNIPACK
  • An optimal technical solution
  • Choosing cost-effective packaging system
  • Manufacture and installation of packaging line
  • Manufacture of consumables PP and PET straps
  • Production of accessories and conveyor systems
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service


Products of wood - beams, plates, laths

Wood products such as plates, laths, beams, bundles of wood, cut sizes and downstream products such as lattice structure, pallets or shipping boxes have one thing in common: they need to cover that reliably secures products during transport, but must also be economical and environmentally friendly. As the most effective packaging and fixing products in the timber industry has been firmly established strapping with using plastic strap that is economical, recyclable and very good mechanical properties.


Proposal for packaging lines UNIPACK

"The level of automation of the packaging line design is crucial. Stage three package then usually provide perfect cover."

Level of automation packaging lines is always dependent on several factors such as limitation of operation in the area, fragility or special requirements for handling, budget costs, philosophy and development of the company. According to level of automation in the packaging line is divided into semi-automatic and fully-automatic. Phase of wrapping cycle, depending on pre-selected technology packaging of the product. Timber products such as plates, laths is strapping in individual bundles PP strap of width 5-12 mm. Then is stacked to a palette and strapping PET strap of width 16-19 mm. Bundles of laths and boards have become of greater popularity as a partial fix to stretch wrapping foil and then wrapped the whole palette. Among the various stages of packaging are usually incorporated additional features, such as handling by conveyor, comparison, dosage, centering, inserting protective features, stamping or marking to achieve quality and efficient package.

  Semi-automatic line Automatic line Fully automatic line
Pallet strapping ORGAPACK OR-T 250 MOSCA KU-412 MOSCA KZV 111


Strapping bundles

For strapping bundles of wood battens, beams, joists and wood products industry, the company offers a wide range MOSCA strapping machines. Are particularly suitable strapping machine RO-MS or automatic version MOSCA RO-TRS, which have a side unit and any dirt from the operation then fall out of the body and mechanics machine. Very popular is also semi-automatic strapping machine MOSCA RO-MRI with slide bolt-driving frame, specially designed for long rod-like products. MOSCA RO-MRI is widely used as a tandem for fast and efficient double banding at up to 20 cycles per minute.



Pallet Strapping - manually

Hand strapping machine may be mechanical, pneumatic or battery. Connections can then be achieved according to the type of straps buckle, cut out handle or welding when using plastic PP or PET strapping tape and OR-T 250. Examples of connection steel strap cut out handle (without clips) may be strapping hand tool OR-H -47 or pneumatic hand tool OR-H 21A.

Mechanický páskovač ocelové pásky OR-H-47 Páskování palet aku páskovačem OR-T 250 Akumulátorový páskovač OR-T 250


Pallet Strapping - Machine

An example might be strapping machine KZV-111 which is a fully-automatic strapping equipment for strapping palletised products. Strapping machine KZV-111 bundles of parallel 2-time up to 60 pallets per hour. MOSCA strapping machines are fully automatic strapping systems intended for incorporation into packaging lines suitable for strapping palletised or unpalletised products. Machine type KZV-111 are based on a modular system, where the main part consists of a robust 2-column structure width up to 2200 mm and the necessary software control tools for incorporation into automatic conveyor track.

Páskování palet se dřevem Zapáskovaný svazek dřeva Automatické páskování svazků dřeva


Horizontal wrapping - beams, planks, laths

Bundles of laths, plates or oblong wood products can also be great help fix stretch wrapping in foil. Unipack offers Italian horizontal wrapping machines ROBOPAC are wrapped in a horizontal direction. An example can be automatic stretch wrapping machines COMPACTA -S with rotary ring, which has a double pressure and driven conveyor. COMPACTA-S offers a number of features: complete wrapping of the product, wrapping only the beginning and the end product, bandaging, wrapping enhanced, passage of the product, set number of turns, set the start wrapping, setting the end of the wrapping and more.


Vertical wrapping - beams, planks, construction

On the UNIPACK find a complete range of stretch wrapping machines from classic stretch wrapping machine with turntable for high-wrapping machines with rotating arm or sleeve. An example of the use of the timber and woodworking industry may be wrapping robot ROBOT S6, which wrapped and oversized pallets. ROBOT S6 is a mobile battery-driven wrapping machine that is not limited by the weight, size or location of the product and can also prestressed film.

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